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2010 Council Proposals

Council Proposals for 2010

Proposal Number 002-10 to select the location of the state nominating convention

Sponsors:  Royal Gorge Green Party & Adams-Jefferson Greens
Results: Florence selected with 7 votes (Evergreen received 4 votes and 1 vote was a stand aside); 10 men, 2 women; 3 Western, 9 Eastern.

Proposal Number 001-10 nominating Dave Chandler to fill the GPCO co-chair vacancy

Sponsors:  Royal Gorge Green Party
Results: Passed unanimously with 12 yeses; 11 men, 1 women, 4 Western, 8 Eastern.


Council Proposals 003-10 to 016-10 will be posted soon. Council members can find them in the archives of the GPCO Council Listserve.