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2012 Annual State Meeting Minutes

Held at the Third Avenue Center
520 South 3rd Street, Carbondale, CO 81623
Saturday, March 31, 2012- Called to Order: 9:15 a.m.

  1. Proposal to accept Steve Schechter of Gunnison as a State Convention voting member due to non-presentation of proof of Green Party registration- approved by consensus

  2. Quorum determination/role call:
    Adams County/JeffCo: 4 voting members present
    Arapahoe Greens 1 “
    Denver Greens 5 “
    Greater Boulder Greens 4 “
    Poudre Valley Greens 4 “
    Royal Gorge Greens * 0 “
    San Miguel Greens 2 “
    Southwest Greens * 0 “

    *= declared inactive due to non-attendance at State Meeting
    Quorum declared by State Secretary

  3. Individual Introductions: Approximately 30 meeting attendees introduced themselves

  4. New Chapter Approvals:
    Pikes Peak Greens: Approved by consensus, with expectation of submission of bylaws within one week
    Douglas County Greens: Approved by consensus, bylaws were submitted and OK’d by Secretary, Chris Allen spoke on behalf of the new chapter

  5. Agenda Approval: Accepted by consensus with minor time-related alterations

  6. Chapter Updates- conducted

  7. Bylaw Amendment 4.5.4- passed by online voting prior to State Meeting, not discussed at State Meeting

  8. State and local candidate nominations:

    – Art Goodtimes: Running for San Miguel County Commissioner
    Nominated by consensus

    – Susan Hall: Running for US Congress in District 2
    Nominated by consensus

    – Misha Luzov: Running for US Congress in District 5
    Nominated by consensus

    – Karyna Lemus: Running for El Paso County Commissioner 2
    Nominated by consensus

    – Steve Saint: Running for El Paso County Commissioner 4
    Nominated by consensus

    – Steve Schechter: Running for Gunnison County Commissioner 1
    Nominated by consensus

    – Victor Forsythe: Running for State Congress in District 5
    Nominated by consensus

    – Gary Swing: Running for US Congress in District 1
    Nominated by consensus

  9. Lunch Break/ Reconvened at 1:15 pm

  10. Presidential Nomination Discussion:
    – Ken Mesplay- via Skype
    – Roseanne Barr- via Skype
    – Jill Stein- via Skype

    Final Vote:
    18 votes for Jill Stein = 5 delegates
    4 votes for Roseanne Barr = 1 delegate
    4 votes for Ken Mesplay = 1 delegate

    Delegates to National Convention: Ryan Jones, Bob Kinsey, Gary Swing, Misha Luzov (more delegates TBD)

  11. Secretary Report by Eric Fried
    – All legally required duties of Secretary have been executed

  12. National Green Party Representatives Report by Victor Forsythe and Ryan Jones – Ryan attended 2011 USGP meeting in New York in 2011 and plans to attend 2012 National Convention in Maryland in 2012

  13. Plan for 2013 state meeting in Norwood, CO in June or July (or possibly in Telluride in May?)- host will be San Miguel Greens.

  14. Website Committee Report by Tanya Ishikawa

  15. Co-Chair report by Bill Bartlett
    – Transition to GPCO Forum framework

  16. Treasurer’s Report by Dan Sage (see attached budget summary)
    – Fundraising essentially moribund- national contributions urged
    – Current GPCO Account balance: $2,483.18 (after a clean meeting room)

  17. Proposal: To donate $100 to each of 8 candidates from account
    Passed by consensus

  18. Proposal: To change bylaw 4.2.2. The Council will meet AND MAKE DECISIONS BETWEEN STATE MEETINGS BY MEANS DETERMINED BY COUNCIL.
    Passed by consensus

  19. Proposal: To conduct Council business from this date (March 31, 2012) on the GPCO Forum (i.e. close down the current listserv)
    Passed by consensus

  20. Proposal: To re-elect Bill Bartlett and Art Goodtimes as Co-Chairs
    Passed by consensus

  21. Review of Council Activity since last meeting: completed- no comments from Council

  22. Proposal: Creation of SOS Clarification Task Force to research possible conflicts between GPCO bylaws and state law
    Passed by consensus

  23. Proposal: Sell Charlotte Squire’s Book Ten Ways to Chillax and have Fun As you live Your Green Dreams on the GPCO website and receive 50% of sales as a donation (as long as it’s not corporate-tied)
    Passed by consensus

  24. Demonstration of GPCO Forum (live) by Bill Bartlett

  25. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.