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Green Party of Colorado Resolutions

Green Party Resolutions Endorsed at the 2010 Convention  (May 1, 2010)
In keeping with the Ten Green Values, the Green Party of Colorado:

  1. Calls for the Abolition of Nuclear weapons, and calls for the de-alerting, decommissioning and irreversible destruction of the 49 minuteman nuclear armed missiles in Northeast Colorado currently in launch on warning status.
  2. Calls for an end to the funding of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan including the supplemental $33 billion funding request now in front of Congress, and the 2011 budget request for another $160- to $170 billion for the so-called “war” on terror.
  3. Calls for capping total USA current military spending at no more than 10% of the federal discretionary budget and redirecting this money to support a healthy and educated US population and foreign relations built on helping all peoples and states to meet human needs in sustainable ways.
  4. Calls for an end to US military aid to Israel and approving only humanitarian and economic aid to both Israel and Palestine on an equitable basis.
  5. Calls for an immediate end of Israeli occupation of Palestine including an end of Settlement building and wall building within East Jerusalem and the West Bank and the blockade of the Gaza Strip.
  6. Calls for public control of the Federal Reserve banking system, moving it under the oversight of the Legislative Branch’s power to “coin money”.
  7. Calls for reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act to separate commercial and investment banking.
  8. Calls for SEC prohibition of derivative trading and supports the institution of a requirement that all traded investment instruments be based only on real goods and services.
  9. Calls for repeal of the court legislated “corporate personhood” via Congressional Legislation and/or Constitutional Amendment.
  10. Calls for Senator Udall to withdraw his legislation and support for mini-nuclear power plants, as unsafe, terrorist prone, and inherently dangerous with regard to loss of control of nuclear materials and risk of nuclear weapon proliferation.
  11. Opposes nuclear power proposed as a partial solution to energy security and climate change because of its dangerous unintended consequences, and is not cost effective compared with other forms of sustainable energy production such as wind, geothermal and solar power.
  12. Calls for campaign finance reform, disallowing any contributions to campaigns except by individual persons with a maximum of $100 per candidate campaign cycle, and with no contributions allowed from corporations, special interest groups, unions, or political action committees.
  13. Calls for elections by hand counted, paper ballots only, excluding electronic voting systems that can swallow any tampering of voters wishes.
  14. Calls for the full legalization of marijuana, release of any persons imprisoned for non-violent crimes associated with the this drug, and the end of Federal DEA officer harassment or arrest of persons using or producing the hemp plant in any of its forms.
  15. Urges alterations in the funding of Department of Agriculture support so that Organic Farming is stimulated and large mono culture crops and heavy chemical based corporate agriculture is not subsidized.
  16. Commends the Colorado Legislature for its attempts to require the Cotter Mill and any other Uranium mining and milling such as the proposed Paradox valley operation and the in-situ operations proposed in Weld County and Park County to protect the water supply of citizens and the health of laborers in these operations. Calls upon them to reject any new licensing of uranium mining, milling or nuclear fuel cycle activities in the state of Colorado.
  17. Calls for reopening a full investigation into the 9/11 tragedy and accountability for any violations of law involved.
  18. Calls for and end to the “Patriot Act” invasions of Civil Rights and accountability for any violations of law over ridden.
  19. Calls for an official acknowledgment that the preemptive war undertaken in Iraq was undertaken illegally based on lies and that any preemptive war is in fact a violation of the sovereignty of nations guaranteed under the United Nations Charter.
  20. Calls for full participation by the United States in the work of the International Court of Criminal Justice to treat terrorism as a crime against humanity and to grant the full cooperation of the US forces in functioning as a police power to apprehend and bring to justice individuals who fund and carry out acts of terror.
  21. Commends all citizens who have taken individual action to live responsibly toward the environment by their purchasing and their life style choices.