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2004 State Meeting and Nominating Convention

GPCO 2004 State Meeting
and Nominating Convention Information

The Meeting and Nominating Convention were held at the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship, close to downtown/Old Town Fort Collins, CO on April 24, 2004. Twenty-five delegates from 8 local chapters met to conduct the Green Party of Colorado’s annual business and nominate its candidates. This was the weekend of a major storm which deposited up to 3 feet of snow in some parts of the state making it impossible for some delegates to attend.

Green candidates David Cobb and Kent Mesplay addressed the Nominating Convention. We had four facilitators on board: Chuck Ogg, Judith Mohling, Lanny Kness, and Bruce Meyer.

We have 7 Colorado candidates for 2004:

Tom Castrigno, Summit County Commissioner, Dist. 2
Art Goodtimes, San Miguel County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Kent Holcomb, Jefferson County Commissioner (tentative)
Tanya Ishikawa, Jefferson County Commissioner
Bob Kinsey, US House, Dist. 4
Bruce Meyer, CO State House, Dist. 4
Eric Rechel, Mesa County Commissioner, Dist. 3

Our Presidential Nomination delegation will be apportionated in this manner at
the National Nominating Convention, June 23-28 in Milwaukee:
Candidate Vote
(All numbers rounded up.)
David Cobb 11
Uncommitted 2
No Candidate 2
Peter Camejo 1
Lorna Salzman 1
Kent Mesplay 0

Our state has 22 delegates that will represent us at the National Convention.
They are bound for 2 votes to specific choices.
Each choice will receive a proportion of attending delegates matching the percentage received.