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2008 Green Party of Colorado Nominating Convention

May 3, 2008

Littleton, Colorado

 We now reconvened as the Colorado Green Party Nominating Convention.
Credentials: There are 27 official delegates apportioned per our bylaws in the following manner:

Adams/Jefferson – 4 delegates
Arapahoe – 2 delegates
Denver – 6 delegates
Mesa – 2 delegates
Poudre Valley – 4
Royal Gorge – 2
San Miguel – 1 (entitled to 2)
Southwest – 1 (entitled to 2)
Summit – 1 (entitled to 2)
Westcliffe – 2
Independent – 2

Selection of Presidential Electors: If/when Colorado casts its Electoral College votes for the Green candidates for President and Vice-President, we will need nine Green electors to actually cast those votes. Nine volunteers signed up on the official form to be turned in to the Secretary of State.
Nominations for Presidential Preferences: The following names were nominated for Colorado’s choice for Green Party presidential candidates – Kent Mesplay, Elaine Brown, Cynthia McKinney, Kat Swift, Jesse Johnson, and Uncommitted. Dave Berry, vice president of the Colorado Public Employee Alliance, spoke for his friend Kat Swift. Nominators made speeches for their particular preferences.
The first round of voting yielded this result: Kent Mesplay (3 votes); Elaine Brown (4 votes); Cynthia McKinney (7 votes); Uncommitted (12 votes). No candidate received 60%, so another vote was taken.
Second round results: Kent Mesplay (2 votes); Elaine Brown (3 votes); Cynthia McKinney (5 votes); Uncommited (15 votes). No candidate has 60%. Kent’s votes are dropped (less than 1/12th of the total).
Third round: Elaine Brown (5 votes); Cynthia McKinney (6 votes); Uncommitted (15 votes)
Fourth round: Elaine Brown (3 votes); Cynthia McKinney (4 votes); Uncommitted (18 votes).
Uncommitted having received over 60%, voting concluded. Uncommitted wins 72%, Cynthia McKinney 16%, and Elaine Brown 12%. We will proportionally vote for our preferences.
Selection of delegates to the National Convention July 11-13 in Chicago:  Colorado is apportioned 12 delegates; delegates can carry one written proxy, so if six people can go, we can use all 12 votes. We agreed to select Claire Ryder and Doug Malkan as delegates, with Bob Kinsey, Tom Kelly, Bill McCormick and Joe Calhoun as possible delegates, if they can go. The council will choose the remaining delegates up to 12.
Selection of Colorado candidates

Candidates and the offices they seek are as follows:
Art Goodtimes –Green incumbent – San Miguel County Board of Commissioners.
Jerry Lacy  (from the new Westcliffe chapter) – Custer County Board of Commissioners.
Scott Zulauf – Jefferson County Board of Commissioners.
Tony D’Lallo – Colorado House District 34 (north Denver metro area).
A 10 minute recess was called so Joe Calhoun, independent member from Empire, could meet with and be approved by one green local in his legislative district, per our bylaws. He was approved by Adams/Jefferson, and then announced his candidacy.-
Joe Calhoun – US Congress 2nd district
Bob Kinsey – US Senate
After speeches, questions, and discussion, all candidates received unanimous consensus and were thereby officially nominated as Green Party of Colorado candidates for their respective offices.

Meeting was adjourned.
Minutes by Eric Fried, state party secretary