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Download 2012 Annual State Meeting and Nominating Convention Agenda.


● Check in and Setup


● Invocation

● Opening statements

● Announcement of meeting logistics

● Approving new chapters, decertify chapters (if needed)

● Credentialing of voting delegates and establishment of quorum

● Discussion and approval of agenda


● Each local introduces its members and gives chapter report (10 min max per local)

Greens unaffiliated with a local introduce themselves (2min max per person).(40 min)


● Bylaw amendment 4.5.4 – Party affiliation deadlines for nominations

● State and local candidate nominations (60 minutes)

Lunch 12:00pm (40 min)

● Presidential Candidate Nomination

○ Candidate Statements (20 min each)

○ Brief discussion on candidates (15 minutes)

○ Overview of selection process (mechanics of GPCO vote and GPUS nomination,

and responsibilities of delegates.)

○ Presidential Vote (25 min)


● Officer Reports (10 minutes each)

○ Co-Chair(s)

○ Treasurer

○ Secretary

○ GNC Delegates


● Committee Reports (10 min each)

○ Website Committee

○ Restructuring Task Force

● Review of council activity since last meeting (20 min)

○ Convention Proposal

○ Proposal 002-12 to Amend Bylaws


● Short discussion on 2013 State Meeting Committee

○ Suggest San Miguel County location

○ Call for volunteers for planning committee


● Bylaw amendments (if any)

● Short forum tutorial and review of forum trial (15 min)


● Action proposals

○ Discussion and vote to approve the forum as the place for council business

○ Campaign Finance and GPCO Locals

○ Green eBook sponsorship (Eric Fried)

○ GPCO internal bulletin (Jonesy)

○ GPCO newsletter (Jonesy)


● Policy positions and GPCO Platform

○ Ballot measure positions

■ Marijuana Legalization Initiative

■ Marijuana Prohibition Ban

■ Personhood

○ Review of existing GPCO positions

○ Discussion on new positions

Meeting ends at 6:15