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Fellow Greens,

I am happy to report that the aspiring Boulder chapter had a very successful meeting on Jan. 20.  We had a turnout of 14 ambitious, enlightened, and motivated people who came together to form a new and robust chapter of the GPOC.  Our meeting included past participants, new faces who heard about us from various sources including the article in the Daily Camera, and many intelligent and motivated (get this) YOUNG PEOPLE!  A new generation of active Greens yeah!  And special thanks to Bob Kinsey and Aaron Ney for making the trip and offering very valuable insight, suggestions, and support.  Even financial support!  I will never forget the formation of our treasury.  Aaron threw down a twenty, reciprocated by another and then myself.  “Well it looks like we need a treasurer” and lo and behold Shannon volunteered and was approved by voice vote all in a matter of a couple of minutes!  You the man Aaron.

We had a constructive discussion of bylaws which Bonnie is going to tweak and submit to our list serve before the next meeting for approval.  There was so much engaging and thoughtful discussion.  There were a few folks who were there to investigate what we had going to see if they were interested in getting involved (understandable) who thought it would be a good idea to better define what the Boulder chapter’s objectives would be.  Brian stepped up and volunteered to form a platform committee which several signed up for.  Instead of rushing ahead to approve bylaws and officers so that our chapter could be officially recognized by the GPOC it was mutually decided to make that a goal for our next meeting.  In the mean time we will put our heads together on a platform so that everyone is comfortable with what we are all about.

We discussed electing officers and decided on having two co-chairs. Bonnie Ballantyne threw her name in the hat and Patti, background in school board and PTA, said she would be interested but was another voice to create a platform to establish our objectives.  Molly volunteered to be web master and list moderator and/or form a web committee.  We decided in the interest of including membership from several local counties to officially name our chapter (fanfare please)…the GREATER BOULDER GREEN PARTY!

Then the mean librarian came down and ran us out.  I think we could have kept going for hours but we did continue some discussion outside in the freezing wind and Aaron got a group shot in front of the library.

There was much positive energy and enthusiasm present.  There was discussion on contacting other local groups and organizations to get the word out and grow our numbers.  Discussion on peace rallies, protests, and petitioning on ballot initiatives.  A lot of optimism for our potential.  Brian even went so far as to say Boulder could be a model for the rest of the country in supporting the locally-pertinent issues of sustainable organic farming and industrial hemp production.  He is a young college student who’s ambition is to make industrial hemp production attractive to the private sector.  Many obstacles but how cool is that?!

I came away with the feeling that Boulder is indeed fertile ground for the Green Party.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, February 10th, at 7:00 pm at the same location.  The George Reynolds branch of the Boulder Public Library, 3595 Table Mesa Drive.  Our regular meeting day will be the 2nd Thursday of the month.

And yes I am wearing shades…because the future looks bright!

Kevin Alumbaugh

Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011