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Two weeks, two news cycles, two stories that gripped the nation. Race and sexuality. Very personal issues. Definitely not topics that we want to disregard, or make light of.

But what DIDN’T we talk about as a nation? Isn’t there something that happened recently that was demanding our attention?

Oh, yeah! The TPP. NAFTA on steroids. “Obamatrade”.

Didn’t we defeat the Fast Track just before that shooting in Charlotte?


And while all the plastic people were still getting over the fact that there are still violent racists in the world, Fast Track was approved.

Distraction and control.

Stop the TPP

Now that the bill has been signed in to law, those of us who oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership will have to be steadfast in our focus.

Talk to everyone you can about the TPP and the damage it could do to our economy and our sovereignty.

The Greens have been vocal in our opposition to the the TPP. Get educated and spread the word!



Until our government puts People, Planet and Peace before Profits, we will have broken communities, endless war, increasing levels of poverty, and environmental decay.


Phone calls, making fliers, research, event planning, and more! Volunteers and personal donations allow us to get the word out and help us grow the party!

Donate or Volunteer today!


P.S. Here are some other things that may have been overlooked while flag watching!



Bill Bartlett
GPCO Co-chair