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How to Start A New Green Party Chapter

It's easier than you think

So you want to organize some Greens, huh?

We love it.  We’re glad that you have also finally declared your independence from the duopoly and are looking for ways to build the strong, Green alternative that Colorado really needs.

Our bylaws admittedly don’t give much guidance, saying only that “A Green local must present its proposed bylaws for approval, and be approved by 60% of the voting Greens at a state party meeting, or by the state council.”

So here are some practical tips to get started:

  • Become a registered Green by visiting the Colorado Secretary of State’s online voter registration.  Make sure you save the certificate that is generated once your registration is completed, because some counties take a little while to update their own records.  You can also visit your local county clerk to register.
  • Reach out to the state party via email at contact@coloradogreenparty.org.  Let the party know you’re interested in getting started, and make sure you leave your contact information.
  • Gather up 4 or 5 friends, get them to register Green, and decide you’re going to move forward.   Set a date for a public meeting.
  • Once you’ve connected with the state party, we will supply you with phone lists of registered Greens in your county.  As you call each person, take down their email address and invite them to the meeting you set up.

Are you ready to move forward?  Click the button below to get started.


I'm ready to build the Green Party in Colorado!