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Proposal 01-11

1. Date proposed 1/3/2011`

Name of the sponsor: Bob Kinsey, Scott Foreman.

2.Title: Tabling at Health Care for All Colorado Conference 1/8/2011

3.Text of the actual Proposal: The Green Party has been offered an opportunity to table at the Health Care for All Colorado Conference at North High School, 1/8/11.  The fee is $25 for a half table.  Bob Carlsten has agreed to staff the table at least part of the time.  Literature needs to be assembled along with Green Party Banners.

This Proposal seeks Green Party of Colorado endorsement of the table and approval of the $25 for the tabling fee.  If we could get an online computer at the table we could actually help people into the Secretary of State Web site and re-register as a Green Party member.

4. Justification/Goals:   We need to continue to hold out to those who support single payer health care, whether at the State Level or National level, that the Green Party is their true home, that they should switch their Party Registration to Green Party, get active in organizing more local chapters and running candidates for State Legislature strategically so as to gain support in the Legislature for such legislation rather than hoping Democrats will follow through.

5. Pros: More visibility.  Possibly more active members

6. Cons: Cant think of one.

7. Estimate of Fiscal Impact: $25 from State Party account.  Printing costs

if any, $10.

8. Alternatives to the proposal:  Not endorse the table.   Do nothing