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Proposal (01-12) for the 2012 State Nominating Convention

Date: January 31, 2012
To: GPC Council
Co-Sponsors: Ryan Jones, Tanya Ishikawa, Eric Fried, Bob Kinsey, Art
Goodtimes, Madeline Williams, Bob Bartlett, Michael Haughey
Subject: Proposal for the 2012 State Nominating Convention

The purpose of this proposal is to select a date and location and
backup date and location for the Green Party of Colorado’s 2012 State
Meeting & Nominating Convention (referred to as the convention or
nominating convention elsewhere in this proposal), appoint a committee
for planning the convention, and request funds for items relating to
organizing the convention.

The GPC Bylaws state that a nominating convention shall be held
every even numbered year. This year, state law requires minor parties to
hold their assemblies by April 14th, 2012. March 31st has been
mentioned by many within the GPC as a preferred first date.
Many GPC Greens from various locals have supported a state
meeting location in the Glenwood Springs area. However, given the time
of year and the uncertain weather, two dates are being proposed, the
second as a backup (and an emergency backup location should both
dates get sufficient snow to impede travel from either side of the
Primary and backup meeting locations have been found and the
cost for the primary is $150 plus a $100 cleaning/security deposit. This
puts the estimated cost of the convention at $475. The backup location is
expected to be less than that. An emergency site still needs to be found.
Passage of a proposal is needed to reserve dates and meeting spaces
and to begin the planning of the convention.
Carbondale on March 31 would be the first date and location.
Gunnison on April 14 would be the backup date. And if weather or road
conditions significantly impedes travel to both these sites on both these
dates, the committee is authorized to designate an emergency site in the
Denver/Boulder area on April 14.
The passage of this proposal would appoint a committee to be
chaired by Ryan Jones and composed of volunteers to begin planning
the convention.

Bylaws of the Green Party of Colorado specify that state meetings
will be held yearly (or more frequently) at a location decided on by a
special call of council [1]. Section 4.1 of the GPC bylaws state, “The
state nominating convention is held in even number years”.Passage of
this proposal shall be considered the “special call” of council, thus
authorizing the planning of the GPC 2012 State Meeting and Nominating
Convention. State law requires minor parties to hold their party
assemblies no later than April 14th this year [2].
Saturday March 31st, 2012 is a favorable first date for the
convention because it falls on a weekend, is late enough to allow
planning, is early enough to provide time for a backup meeting should
the first meeting get snowed out, and allows time for emergency
rescheduling in case of extreme circumstances.
The Glenwood Springs area was suggested at the 2011 State
Meeting. And it has been agreed that a venue somewhere between the
Front Range and Southwest Colorado was appropriate. The Denver
Greens have stated their preference for a location in the Glenwood
Springs area, and the Southwest Colorado Greens have expressed their
agreement with that site. A poll was conducted on the GPC forum to
gauge interest for the location of the convention. The selection
“Glenwood Springs, CO” won a plurality of the votes with 40% [3].
After researching the rates for a one-day meeting at various
locations in the Glenwood Springs area, the cheapest option was found
to be just south of Glenwood Springs in Carbondale, CO. The Third
Street Center (520 Third Street Carbondale CO 81623) is just 23 minutes
south of Glenwood Springs on State Highway 133.
The cost of reserving a 150 person capacity space for one day at
the Third Street Center on March 31st, 2012 is $120 a day for non-profit
groups, plus a required $150 cleaning/security deposit [4]. March 31st is
currently open on the Third Street Center’s calendar, but it may not be
for long. Another cost for the convention is posting an announcement in
a newspaper of statewide circulation (as required by GPC bylaws. The
Colorado Statesman provides advertising for $150 [5]. A miscellaneous
item of $75 will be requested in this proposal’s budget to cover
miscellaneous expenses such as nametags.An itemized expense list
shall be provided at the convention and any unused funds shall return to
the GPC’s general fund. Section 4.2.3 of the GPC Bylaws state “The
Council can make appropriations from the GPC bank account of $200
per item or less by a 60% vote of the Council, in consultation with the
Treasurer to insure availability of funds [6].” Approval of this proposal
shall be considered authorization to use these funds in accordance with
the GPC Bylaws and applicable state law. More funds may be requested
for the convention through additional proposals. Contributions from
individuals and GPC Locals may be donated to fund the convention.
If the March 31 date in Carbondale is snowed out, the committee
will arrange for a meeting April 14 in Gunnison, with the help of local
Green Steve Schecter. If both dates have weather or road conditions that
significantly impede travel, the committee will locate an emergency
venue in the Denver/Boulder region for April 14, notifying all chapters
and council of the emergency change the day before (based upon
weather predictions).
The council hereby appoints Ryan Jones of the Arapahoe Green
Party as Chair of the committee, and echoes a previous call for
volunteers.. This committee shall have at least two GPC council
members representing at least two different GPC locals.Section 4.2.3 of
the GPC Bylaws state, “The Council sets the agenda for the state
meetings [7].” The committee that plans the convention shall honor this
requirement by accepting submissions for the convention agenda from
council and having council approve the final agenda. Art Goodtimes of
the San Miguel Greens has volunteered to serve under Jones.

Proposed Tasks
With council’s approval, the following tasks will be performed:

  1. Form a committee to organize the convention, with Ryan Jones as
  2. chair of the committee and as many volunteer members as he
  3. needs.
  4. Use approved and/or donated funds to reserve a meeting space at
  5. the Third Street Center in Carbondale for the primary date. This
  6. includes a $100 cleaning/security deposit. Allow an expenditure
  7. no more than for the primary date and site at the backup date April
  8. 14 in Gunnison and the emergency date April 14 in Denver-Boulder,  if needed.
  9. Begin organizing the convention with input from council.


  1. Task 1: Form committee upon passage of proposal. This
  2. committee shall be formed as soon as possible.
  3. Task 2: Reserve location. This shall be done as soon as possible
  4. or by February 2nd.
  5. Task 3: Announce convention primary, backup and emergency
  6. dates and sites 15 days before the meeting in a newspaper of
  7. statewide circulation as per section 4.1 of the GPC bylaws.
  8. Task 4: Conduct general planning of the convention.The
  9. committee shall provide regular progress updates to council and a
  10. final report with the convention agenda shall be provided to
  11. council roughly one week before the convention.

Primary Site and Date / Carbondale March 31
Calaway Community Room Rental fee / $150
Cleaning/Security Deposit / $100
Colorado Statesman (or other) Ad / $150
Miscellaneous / $75
Total / $475
The committee is authorized to spend these funds, as needed.
Backup Site and Date / Gunnison April 14
The committee is authorized to spend up to $475, as needed.
Emergency Site and Date / Denver-Boulder April 14
The committee is authorized to spend up to $475, as needed.


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