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Proposal 02-11

Proposal 02-11 to implement the first three steward recommendations: Council Moderators

1. Name of the sponsors:  Art Goodtimes, John Wontrobski, Eric Fried, Tanya Ishikawa

2. Title:  First Proposal Intended to Implement the Steward´s Recommendations: Council Moderators

3. Text of the actual Proposal:

1. The GPCO will adopt rules of netiquette for the online State Council and the Discussion list serves. The Green Party of the United States procedures articulated in Article IX will be a starting point for crafting these discussion rules.

2.  Council Moderators presided over by one of the co-chairs, to which all locals are invited to send one representative,  would be assigned the task of drafting these netiquette rules and then helping to implement them by moderating list discussions. Many GP locals and state organizations have such committees. Members (other than the co-chair) would not be council reps, but other GPCO members deemed by their locals as gifted in nonviolent communication skills and building consensus.

3. The Council Moderators designated stewards would be tasked with monitoring list discussions for inappropriate content and giving offenders two private warnings. If unheeded and a third offense was found to have occurred by a steward over the course of one year, the Council Moderators would have the power to bar offenders from the On-Line State Council and/or Discussion lists – and to also reinstate them – on a simple majority vote.

4. Background:

Following a call for an investigation into allegedly disruptive behavior, a proposal was passed to mount an investigation. Steve Saint of Colorado Springs was chosen as Steward. The Party has just received his nine recommendations. This amended proposal is an attempt to implement the first three of the recommendations he made.

5. Justification/Goals (especially related to 10 KV):

GPCO has been torn by internal conflicts. The Steward has made recommendations after investigating the situation. He has advocated our improving our communication rules and adhering to our key value of non- violence in our internal communications. This proposal to create Council Moderators attempts to implement his most important recommendation.

6. Pros:

This proposal has opportunity to help restore good communication and cohesion to a group fractured by internal dissent.

7. Cons:

This proposal would entail a change in the way the party operates, and add a new layer of organization – the Council Moderators.  It would require more volunteers from each local to staff the Council Moderators.

8. Estimate of Fiscal Impact:

The main cost would be in increased volunteer time to staff the Council Moderators.

9. Alternatives to the proposal:

Do nothing. Deal with the recommendations from the Steward as a whole.

Continue to battle internally. See members leave the party.