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Proposal 03-11 to endorse SB11-168 for a Health Cooperative

Sponsor:  Bob Kinsey, Aaron Ney, Dan Sage

1.Title:  Endorsement of SB 11-168

2.Text:  The Green Party of Colorado hereby endorses SB 11-168 submitted by
Colorado Senator Dr. Irene Aguilar to create a commission to develop a plan
for a Colorado health care cooperative for all citizens of Colorado.

3.Background:  The Green Party platform supports a single payer system for
health care as the most cost effective and socially just means of providing
all citizens with health care.  The US Congress failed to provide “the
public option” in the recently passed health care bill.  Health Care for All
Colorado has advocated for creating a public option in the State since it
was not even discussed at the national level.  Dr. Irene Aguilar who headed
is now a Colorado Senator and has submitted bill to create a commission to
study a single payer system for Colorado using the model of a Cooperative.
They have asked us to endorse the bill and urge our current legislators to
pass it.  You can read the bill and discussion of it at the web site.

We should be putting our energy behind a Bill that moves Colorado to a more
just health care system.  After all it is our State and we have advocated
for single payer for decades.  This is one of our main issues.

Green Party does what it says is important for public to see.
The failure to support this bill would show just how unengaged we are in
trying to fix things

Don’t see any negatives except that Libertarians and other “conservatives”
will be clear they don’t like us.

7.Estimate Fiscal Impact
Don’t see any unless the failure to endorse this leads to people not
contributing to the party

Do nothing.

GPCO State Council Vote Results, provided by Kevin Alumbaugh, Council Facilitator

7 of 7 Active Locals Voting (75%=Quorum); 1 co-chair; 1 secretary; 1 interim

Responses: 15 Agree=passage;13 men, 2 women, 5 Western, 10 Eastern.

Eric Fried (Secretary) ericfried@comcast.net PVGP/M/E/Agree

David Poulson djpoulson@ieee.org PVGP/M/E/Agree

Tanya Ishikawa (Co-chair) itanya@comcast.net AJGP/F/E/Agree

Art Goodtimes gourds@paleohippe.com SMGP/M/W/Agree

John Wontrobski johnwontrobski@yahoo.com SMGP/M/W/Agree

Daniel Sage daniel.sage@comcast.net (Acting Treasurer) ACGP/M/E/Agree

Michael Haughey mhaughey@earthlink.net AJGP/M/E/Agree

Charlie Green oldbogus@gmail.com RGGP/M/W/Agree

Tom Kelly tkelly733@earthlink.net  ACGP/M/E/Agree

Jim Bullington jamesbullington@yahoo.com DNVR /M/E/Agree

Aaron Ney a_ney02@yahoo.com DNVR/M/E/Agree

Tim Hovezak thovezak@gmail.com SWGP/M/W/Agree

George Bartlett gwb_092003@yahoo.com PVGP/M/E/Agree

Ryan Jones rj@oflanigan.net DNVR/M/E/Agree

Marcia Wilson bilmarwil@fone.net SWGP/F/W/Agree