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Proposal 06-11

1. Date proposed: April 2, 2011 Name of the sponsor(s):  Michael D. Haughey,
Adams-Jeffco and Tanya Ishikawa, State Co-Chair

2. Title: Proposal to co-sponsor “Colorado Move To Amend” Colorado David
Cobb speaking tour

3. This is a proposal for the Colorado Green Party to be a co-sponsor
“Colorado Move To Amend” Colorado David Cobb speaking tour.  As co-sponsors,
the Green Party would be asked to promote the talks to its members and
within its sphere of influence, and the Green Party would be listed as a
co-sponsor on any promotional materials that are put out.  Colorado Move To
Amend would also acknowledge the Green Party’s co-sponsorship during any
introductory remarks.  The tour has been tentatively scheduled for May 20 –
May 25 . Preliminary plans are for Mr. Cobb speak in: Denver/Boulder; Ft.
Collins/Greeley; Colorado Springs or Pueblo; and Glenwood Springs or Grand
Junction.     There are no anticipated costs as promotion can be handled via
discussion groups and e-mails.

4. David Cobb was the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate.  The contact
for this effort in Colorado Move To Amend (CO-MTA) is Steven Justino (
SAJustino@comcast.net )

5. CO-MTA has values similar and parallel to the Green Party and shares
common members.  The primary mission is to clearly define persons as humans
and corporations as not persons.  Here is the CO-MTA web site link:
http://www.democracyunincorporated.com/Home.html and the national MTA web
site link is:  http://movetoamend.org/

6. Pros:  support the most visible movement to take back government from the
mega-corporations            and Cons:  visibility as being opposed to

7. Fiscal impact: No funds are being requested from the party itself so
there is no expense to the party.

8. Taking no action is the primary alternative.  If any Greens wish to be
more active, CO-MTA could probably use volunteers to assist during the tour.