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Proposal 07-11

1. Date proposed: April 4th, 2011
Name of the sponsors:
Tom Kelly AGP, Claire Ryder DGP, Jim Bullington DGP

2. Title: Proposal to Declare the Political Independence of the Green Party
of Colorado

3. Text of the actual Proposal: Add to the bylaws the following statement:
2.3  Declaration of Political Independence
The Green Party of Colorado(GPCO) is an independent political party.  The
party does not support candidates from the Republican or Democratic parties
when a Green candidate is running.  We agree that supporting candidates from
the Democratic or Republican parties will not be done in print or on
websites when a Green candidate is running. Individuals or chapters that
violate this proscription will be declared to be members not in good
standing of the GPCO.  They will not be able to hold any office in the GPCO
nor be active on the Green Council.

4. Background:
Political Independence of the Green Party of Colorado(GPCO) has been the
major issue that causes divisiveness in the GPCO.  This  proposal will make
clear the GPCO stance concerning political independence.

5. Justification/Goals:
The GPCO presents an economic and social analysis and vision for our
communities, state, and nation. The GPCO works to create new types of
political organizations which expand the process of participatory democracy
by directly including citizens in the decision making process.  In the two
major parties, local platforms, which are sometimes in agreement with our
Green values, are diluted by back room deals of insiders and power brokers
who control the funding and candidate selection for the Democrats and
Republicans at the state and national level. Voter confusion has been caused
in the past and will be in the future when individual Greens and non Greens
see GPCO members supporting Democrats and Republicans on websites and in the
media. A first step in challenging the current undemocratic system is our
Declaration of Political Independence. If we declare the GPCO as an
independent party, we will attract voters that leave the major parties
disappointed with their party’s lack of democracy. More importantly, we will
attract the over 50% of voters who have become so disenchanted with the
current political system that they no longer register to vote.

6. Pros:
This Declaration of Political Independence will clarify our position as an
alternative to the two corporate funded parties.
Once this issue done away with, individual voters will not be confused about
reason for the existence of the GPCO.

7. Cons:

8. Estimate of Fiscal Impact:

9. Alternatives to the proposal:
1. Do nothing and continue to argue over political independence.
This will not help the GPCO grow.