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Dear Ranked Voting supporter

We want to personally thank you for all of your support of the campaign to bring Ranked Voting to Fort Collins.  We couldn’t have done nearly as well as we did without your help. Of course we are all disappointed with the results, but we should feel encouraged that nearly 11,000 voters turned out to show their support for a better way to hold city elections. That is a direct result of your efforts.

With your contributions of money and time, we contacted over 40,000 voters multiple times through literature drops, emails, and phone calls.  We maintained a full-time office for supporters to pick up assignments, brochures, and yard signs, or just learn more about Ranked Voting. We went on local, state and national radio shows, wrote letters to the editor, took part in debates and forums, made presentations to local organizations, and waved signs on busy street corners.

It was a great effort, but it is not over. There are a couple more things we are asking of you in the short term:

Please come to our Supporter Appreciation Party on Friday, May 6, 6:30 p.m. at 307 Leeward Ct., Fort Collins.
Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages provided. Please BYOB if you prefer.

Make a contribution to help us retire our debt.

We ended up taking on $10,000 in debt in an effort to counter the $14,000 dumped into the race by the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce – which accounted for 90% of the opposition’s funding – as well as the unfair tilt in the Coloradoan, which omitted numerous letters in favor of ranked voting even as it ran a series of opposition pieces in the campaign’s final days. We need your help pay off our loans quickly so we can begin building for the next campaign. Showing its confidence in the future of ranked voting in Fort Collins, FairVote – The Center for Voting and Democracy – has generously offer to match the first $5,000 in contributions given to help retire this debt.

Please contribute today to ensure your donation counts twice.

We didn’t win this year, but we did introduce the voters of Fort Collins to Ranked Voting, and are in a great position to continue educating and activating residents of Fort Collins, and eventually bring the question back in front of the voters. To do that, we need your help and involvement.

Please join us for our Volunteer Appreciation Party, our Wrap-up Meeting and contribute today so we can pay off our loans quickly and begin building for the next campaign.

Please join us in keeping this effort moving forward by contributing to Fort Collins Ranked Voting today! And please don’t leave some of our most dedicated supporters – who generously loaned the campaign the money it needed to be competitive –  personally in debt for thousands of dollars.

Eric Fried and Seth Anthony, Campaign Co-chairs
Marc Sanson, Campaign Coordinator
Website – http://www.fortcollinsrankedvoting.com
facebook – http://facebook.com/fortcollinsrankedvoting
Twitter – http://twitter.com/focorv
Contribute: https://integrityhostingservices.com/fortcollinsrankedvoting/donate.html