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The Occupy Wall Street movement has been active for almost two months. These brave patriots are a symbol of the struggle that 99% of us face every day. The Green Party has historically fought against social and economic injustices. We have never and will never accept corporate donations. Green voters can always be counted on to support nonviolent and environmentally sound candidates.

It is in this spirit that the Green Party of Colorado lends its full support to the Occupiers in their protest against a historic wealth imbalance, corporate-guided legislation, corporate personhood, and the US military economy. Like many Occupy Wall Street protestors, the Green Party of Colorado demands the voices of the working class be heard over the needs of the moneyed interests that have been guiding United States policy for decades.

Within the Occupy Wall Street movement, many strong Green values can be seen in action: grassroots democracy, decentralization, social and economic justice, gender equality, personal and global responsibility, and diversity. It is our focus on the future that drives us and is our impetus for change.

Occupiers! The Green Party of Colorado, in conjunction with our active locals throughout the state, is here to support your movement. We welcome you to join with the Greens in kind. Every Occupier who registers Green is making a statement against the two party corporate system that has driven our country to the brink. Don’t stop with an Independent registration. Align yourself and your talents with your local Green party. Let’s see what a Green Congress can accomplish in 2012!