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Volunteer Opportunities

The Green Party of Colorado has some volunteer opportunities available and we need your help to fill them!

Social media – posting to Facebook, WordPress, and email lists. Time requirement: 1/2 hour, two days per week, for one month.

Researchers – find and compile information for party officers and committees. Basic stuff like when elections are happening and what board seats are open in a given county. Time requirements: 1-2 hrs per week. Monthly and quarterly positions needed. Basic Internet search skills a plus.

Phone bank callers – calls to existing Greens about local events, opportunities, and fundraising. Time requirements 1-2 hrs per day, as needed. Comfortable on the phone a plus.

Committee members – website, annual meeting, time requirements 2 hrs per week, quarterly terms.

Representatives – the state needs Greens to fill vacancies at the state and local party levels. Time requirements depend in the position, but generally 1-2 hrs per week, yearly terms of service.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll be touch!