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The Trans Pacific Partnership is an override switch for all governments that sign it.. why should companies get a pass around the laws of our country?

How’s that working out for us so far?

The GPUS put together a good resource for those that want to get a few details on this ultimate corporate handout and our own prospective nominee for Senate, Arn Menconi, is featured in the article as well:

“The TPP, if enacted, would be a coup for corporate oligarchy and a blow to democracy and the public interest,” said Arn Menconi, Green candidate for the U.S. Senate in Colorado ( http://arnmenconi.com ). “It was negotiated in secret with the help of 600 ‘trade advisors’ from powerful multinational corporations. It would establish a mechanism to override democratically enacted laws by handing legislative and judicial power to a small panel of corporate lawyers. Through the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions, the TPP would hijack the U.S. legal system for the benefit of these same multinational corporations.”

Read more here.

How You Can Help

stop-the-tppCommunicate, share, and connect with everyone you know about the TPP. Contact your representative by phone, email, and even snail mail (MOST EFFECTIVE).

We have each three voices in Washington (2 Senators, 1 Representative).  Make them hear you, and make it a group effort with people you know!

If you’re social media savvy, contact the GPCO and see if you can organize with us to change Colorado’s voice on the Hill to a resounding NO ON TPP!!