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Public Office Holders

Current Public Officeholders

  • Merrily Mazza, councillor, City of Lafayette
  • Bryan Williams, director, Ouray School District R-1 board
  • Becky Elder, councillor, City of Manitou Springs
  • Officeholders nationally: www.greens.org/elections
Former Public Officeholders

2012 Election Candidates for Public Office

 Gary Swing, U.S. Congressional Representative District 1 candidate
– Susan Hall, U.S. Congressional Representative District 2 candidate
– Misha Luzov, U.S. Congressional Representative District 5 candidate
– Victor Forsythe, Colorado State Representative District 5 candidate
– Karyna Lemus, El Paso County Commissioner 2 candidate
– Brad Harris, El Paso County Commissioner 4 candidate
– Steve Schechter, Gunnison County Commissioner 1 candidate
– Art Goodtimes, San Miguel County Commissioner candidate
See 2012 Green Candidates page for more information.