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GPCO 2006 State Meeting & State Convention Minutes

GPCO Annual Meeting and Nominating Convention held at Universal Methodist Church, Denver, CO, organized by the Arapahoe County Green Party.

NOTES: See the end of the minutes for a summary of decisions. For Nominating Convention minutes go to the end of this page or click here


Arapahoe Green Roger Green explained facility logistics.

Arapahoe Green Tom Kelly explained lunch plants.

Denver Green Alan Butcher explained his role as facilitator and meeting rules.


Adams/Jefferson: Kevin Alumbaugh, Dave Chandler, Tanya Ishikawa, Scott Zulauf

Arapahoe: Tim Babbidge, Roger Green, Tom Kelly, Dan Sage, Romney Philpott

Boulder: Brian Herzfeld, Lola Herzfeld, Judith Mohling, Joe (J.A.) Calhoun (arrived at 11 a.m.), Bob McFarland (arrived at 11 a.m.)

Denver: Allen Butcher, Bruce McNaughton, Corey Sampson, Theresa Miller, Rick VanWie, Christy Bouchard (arrived after lunch break)

Mesa: Charlie Blount, Eric Rechel

Poudre Valley: Eric Fried, Jerry Gerber, Sandy Lemberg, Marla Swanson

Royal Gorge: Charlie Green

Southwest: Tim Hovezak, Leslie Sesler, Marcia Wilson

Summit: Doug Malkan


APPROVAL OF 2005 STATE MEETING MINUTES OF THE GREEN PARTY OF COLORADO: Charlie Green amended the action to waive the reading of the minutes, which was approved (unanimous consent)

Facilitator and Denver Green Allen Butcher reviewed the meeting process. Boulder Green Judith Mohling supplemented his explanation on approval by consensus.


APPROVAL OF BYLAW PROPOSAL PRESENTED BY ROYAL GORGE GREEN CHARLIE GREEN: State Co-Chairs are given the authority to make proposals to the
online state council, with friendly amendment provided by Poudre Valley Green Eric Fried to allow all state officers to make proposals; Discussion included a suggestion to allow independent members without local affiliations also to have proposal-making power, but the idea was tabled. (unanimous consent)


Proposition Number 002-06:

Approval of 2006 State Meeting functionaries

– Presenter: Charlie Green GPCO Co-chair Passed by Agreement March 9, 2006

Proposition Number 001-06:

Arapahoe Green Party hosting the 2006 State GPOC Meeting

– Presenter: Arapahoe Green Party Passed by Agreement January 29, 2006

Proposition Number 012-05:

Co-Sponsorship of Four Directions All Nations March

– Presenter: Activist Committee Passed by Agreement October 2, 2005

Proposition Number 011-05:

Reimbursement for the “Be the Change” event

– Presenter: Thomas Kelly, Charlie Green, and Dan Sage Passed by Agreement August 27, 2005

Proposition Number 009-05:

Reinstatement of the Southwest Greens

– Presenter: Charlie Green GPCO Co-chair Passed by Agreement August 2, 2005



1) WHERE WE ARE, WHERE WE’RE GOING, introduced by Denver Green Rick VanWie

The concern was presented that the GPCo does not have representation and contacts in every county/area of the state.

Approval of Proposal by Summit Green Doug Malkan to create an online map on the GPCo Web site to allow people to click on counties to find local chapters and contact information, where counties without local chapters would be linked to the nearest chapter that is willing to be an information contact. (passed with unanimous consent)

2) INDEPENDENCE OF THE GREEN PARTY from the Democratic and Republican parties and rejection of lesser-evilism, introduced by Poudre Valley Green Sandy Lemberg

The suggestion was made that the Green Party of Colorado should adopt a statement about Greens being different than Democrats, Greens not compromising our values and our position as a bold and independent party.

There was discussion including the idea of adopting the Green Party of the U.S. resolution rejecting lesser-evilism in voting policies.
Discussion Item 2: Independence of Green Party continued…

The group decided to create a working committee to consider a future proposal for the online state council. Poudre Valley Green Sandy Lemberg, Denver Green Theresa Miller, and Arapahoe Greens Tom Kelly and Tim Babbidge agreed to participate on the committee.


Co-Chairs Tom Kelly and Charlie Green: No reports.

Treasurer Dan Sage: A printed treasurer’s report was handed out (see attached). The revenue-sharing fundraising through the national Green Party has 54 Colorado Greens participating, which brings money back to Colorado. There have been no individual donations to the GPCo in two years, though there have been non-monetary contributions and donations to local chapters and candidates. Summit Green Doug Malkan was selected as a Deputy Treasurer to learn the treasurer duties, in case the treasurer can not perform them. Adams/Jefferson Green and State Secretary Tanya Ishikawa was added as a name on the GPCo account this year.

Secretary Tanya Ishikawa: After last year’s state meeting in Summit County, the meeting minutes and state officers names were submitted to the CO Secretary of State’s Office. During this year’s convention, the secretary is providing forms to file to the state and counties for the nominated candidates. She will also file the meeting minutes and new state officer information to the state after the meeting.

Arapahoe County, reported by Tim Babbidge and Roger Green: The chapter sent an information postcard to all registered Greens in the county in fall 2005. All registered Greens in the county were also called before this state meeting. Two members of the chapter are state officers and two are candidates in the 2006 state elections.

Adams/Jefferson counties, reported by Dave Chandler and Tanya Ishikawa: The chapter organized joint events with the Denver Greens including a CSAP Forum, Christmas Party and some business meetings. Dave Chandler started a blog called DenverMetroGreens.org, which posts Green activities and discussions and will post photos of the state meeting. Ishikawa ran in a nonpartisan park and recreation board election this spring, but lost. There were 11 candidates vying for 3 seats.

Boulder, reported by Judith Mohling: The chapter has been very quiet except for a couple parties/meetings. It has a possible candidate for the 2006 election, Joe Calhoun. We need leaders to step out to become more active. One possible project is to support the Boulder City Council proposal for demanding the troops out of Iraq.

Denver, reported by Rick VanWie: The chapter has been challenged by lack of participation at monthly meetings. Despite having more than 500 addresses on an e-mail announce list, very few people participate in posted events. On a bright note, Bruce McNaughton, Corey Sampson and Theresa Miller have been very active and representing the party in electoral politics. Also, the quarterly forums started last year have been successful at drawing higher participation than other events.

Mesa, reported by Eric Rechel and Charlie Blount: The chapter sent out a mailing to all registered Green Party members in the County. It included some information, a survey requesting input and a request for financial support. Though a postage paid return envelope was enclosed, only four people replied and no support was offered. The chapter’s co-chair is Jacob Richards, a student at Mesa State College who works at a homeless shelter. There was an effort to create an umbrella progressive group in Grand Junction, which failed to materialize.

Poudre Valley, reported by Jerry Gerber and Sandy Lemberg: The chapter is sponsoring a forum in a couple of weeks on local issues to expand a jail. Members have been meeting on and off as a steering committee. Much work was done via e-mail. The chapter has had trouble networking with other groups due to those groups’ concern about relations with political parties and nonprofit status.

Royal Gorge, reported by Charlie Green: The chapter has been kind of dormant. There are only eight Greens still registered in Fremont County. A lady in Salida (over the mountain but still in Fremont County) asked me to come up to recruit a group. I will go up in July to help create a Fremont/Chaffee County group. The chapter may express opposition to a planned private prison in the county, where there are already 17.

Southwest, reported by Leslie Sesler: Montezuma County has 52 registered Greens. About 8 to 10 people attend each monthly meeting. Public forums have not worked well, but the chapter is more successful with casual events with refreshments. The basic philosophy over last four years has been to build a positive image of the Greens in the local community. A Christmas party and an organic summer picnic drew about 50 to 70 people each. A high school forum brought students together at round tables with candidates and elected officials. Sesler also goes into the Dolores High School twice a year to explain the Green Party to students. San Miguel County Commissioner and Green Art Goodtimes did a poetry reading event here. An energy forum was also held. At the spring elections, one Green lost his Cortez City Council seat but another Green won a seat, while a Green also won a seat on the Dolores Town Council.

Summit County, reported by Doug Malkan: Jeff Bergeron is midterm in four years on the Breckenridge Town Council. He’s been great in standing up to developers and the ski area, as well as building coalitions. No Green candidates ran in this spring’s Breckenridge Town Council election. Malkan is participating in a nonpartisan Future Summit, a series of meetings on subjects such as alternative energy that attract about 100 participants. A postcard mailing was sent to all registered Greens in the county before the spring caucus, but a lot were returned with bad addresses. A Green Party Party (fundraiser) was held on St. Patrick’s Day with low turnout. Malkan is running as Summit County Commissioner candidate this year. He is networking with groups like SAFER, who he canvases for.


Co-Chair: Arapahoe Green Tom Kelly will continue in one co-chair position. Royal Gorge Green Charlie Green is stepping down as a co-chair and his vacancy needs to be filled. Boulder Green Brian Herzfeld offered to take the position and was endorsed by Boulder Green Judith Mohling. He was elected with unanimous consent.

Council Facilitator: Former Jefferson County Green Kent Holcomb has resigned his position as facilitator of the online state council, and his vacancy needs to be filled. Adams/Jefferson Green Kevin Alumbaugh volunteered to take over. Poudre Valley Green Eric Fried and Arapahoe Green Tim Babbidge endorsed his candidacy for the position. He was elected with unanimous consent.

Archivist: No one has filled this position for several years, though Royal Gorge Green Charlie Green has held some GPCo archives. After discussion, it was decided that this position would not be filled. State Secretary Tanya Ishikawa offered to keep some archival information for the party during her term as state officer.



Fundraising, reported by Committee Co-Chair Rick VanWie: Today, we are making a proposal for a direct mailing campaign. We would also like more committee members so we can have better representation and communication between the chapters, and a better ability to cover all our tasks.

There was discussion here of the need for a discounted postal rate. State Treasurer Dan Sage volunteered to go to the post office to arrange nonprofit status for our mail.

Approval of Fundraising Committee Proposal to spend $1,000 on a direct mail campaign to be sent out by July 31, 2006. (unanimous consent)

Activist, reported by Committee Co-Chair Allen Butcher: The committee proposed and received approval of the Transform Columbus Day resolution supporting the project. It also carried a Green Party banner at the TCD march. It is interested in supporting the SAFER (limited legalized Marijuana) campaign and a minimum wage change in Colorado. The idea of the Activist Committee is to add support to other organizations’ causes, not take over or begin causes.

Tim Babbidge noted that he took part in two activist campaigns recently, one for Jeffco open space and another was the RTD strike.

Instant Runoff Voting, reported by former Committee Co-Chair Rick VanWie: Though VanWie started the IRV activities in 2004, he left the committee last year and the current co-chairs did not pursue any activities over the past year. Denver City Councilperson Kathie MacKenzie is now taking up the cause. Greens VanWie, Bruce McNaughton and Soren Peterson are involved. Either the city council can approve a ballot item for a vote on IRV or citizens can petition to get a ballot item. The Green Party is helping by sending out information through the e-mail lists. We could also help petition. The Libertarian Party also supports IRV elections.

Legislative, reported by Committee Co-Chair Tanya Ishikawa: The committee was basically inactive in the past year and this year’s legislative session. Besides Ishikawa, no former committee members have remained active. The committee’s purpose is to develop GPCo positions on pending legislation and report the positions to the party, media and public – both to help pass or reject laws and to inform the public of our political stands. Some GPCo members sent suggestions for legislation for the committee to consider, but no specific proposals were ever created.

Media Outreach, reported by Committee Co-Chair Tanya Ishikawa: The committee received no requests for media outreach and no contact from the media this year. Also, it did not initiate any media campaigns. Ishikawa has been active helping draft press releases for Secretary of State candidate Rick VanWie, and has been gathering media contact information that could be shared with the state party.

Campaign, reported by Committee Co-Chair Dave Chandler: The committee was inactive. The purpose of the committee was to analyze who would be the best candidates for elections and recruit them. Chandler sees no need for the committee.

COMMITTEES for 2006-2007

The Campaign Committee was disbanded. The Media Outreach Committee was renamed the Outreach and Communications Committee, and Arapahoe Green Tim Babbidge was named co-chair with Adams/Jefferson Green Tanya Ishikawa. The Legislative Committee was confirmed as an active, necessary committee, and Royal Gorge Green Charlie Green was named co-chair with Ishikawa. The Fundraising Committee will continue its activities, under the current co-chairs VanWie and Summit County Green Doug Malkan. The Instant Runoff Voting Committee was disbanded.


1) State by state outreach and fundraising effort proposed by Poudre Valley Green Eric Fried: Approval of the GPCo contributing its email address lists to the national party for a fundraising appeal (unanimous consent)

2) What’s going on with GPCo phone and what can we do about it? Proposed by Denver Green Rick VanWie: No one has been checking the state party phone messages. It was determined that the state co-chairs would take care of it in the future.

3) 2006 ballot initiatives (immigration, marijuana decriminalization, labor rights, etc.) proposed by Royal Gorge Green Charlie Green: Withdrawn by Green.

4) What we would like on our web site, proposed by Charlie Green: Concerning posting state meeting minutes, it was determined that the State Secretary and/or the Minute-taker will decide how detailed to make them. Concerning links to other organizations, it was determined that any non-Green Party links would be considered and posted by the Activist Committee. Concerning who can post to the GPCo Web site, it was determined that committees and local co-chairs would have authority to ask the webmaster to post to the site.

5) Contributions form GPCo to approved candidates: There was discussion about whether $100 should be given to all candidates, whether the money would be better used by the state party for promotion of the candidates, and whether more money could be contributed to each. The final decision was for approval of a $100 donation from the state party funds to all 2006 candidates approved by the convention, except Eric Rechel who requested no funds (unanimous consent)



1) Approval of the expansion of the Jefferson County Green Party to become the Adams/Jefferson County Green Party (unanimous consent)

2) Approval of 2005 State Meeting Minutes of the Green Party of Colorado without a formal reading (unanimous consent)

3) Approval of Joe (J.A.) Calhoun of Clear Creek County as an independent Green Party of Colorado member with voting power at the meeting (unanimous consent)

4) Approval of Bylaw Proposal to allow State Co-Chairs to have the authority to make proposals to the online state council, with a friendly amendment to allow all state officers to make proposals (unanimous consent)

5) Approval of Proposal by Summit Green Doug Malkan to create an online map on the GPCo Web site to allow people to click on counties to find local chapters and contact information, where counties without local chapters would be linked to the nearest chapter that is willing to be an information contact. (unanimous consent)

6) Approval of Brian Herzfeld as GPCo Co-Chair for 2006-2007 (unanimous consent)

7) Approval of Kevin Alumbaugh as Council Facilitator (unanimous consent)

8) Approval of Fundraising Committee Proposal to spend $1,000 on a direct mail campaign to be sent out by July 31, 2006 (unanimous consent)

9) Approval of the GPCo contributing its email address lists to the national party for a fundraising appeal (unanimous consent)

10) Approval of a $100 donation from the state party funds to all 2006 candidates approved by the convention, except Eric Rechel who requested no funds (unanimous consent)

Nominating Convention minutes


APPROVAL OF AGENDA, with amendment to add candidates for State House District 7 and Governor (passed with unanimous consent)

DESIGNATION OF VOTING DELEGATES: (9 chapters represented)

Adams/Jefferson: 3 of 5 delegates present (Dave Chandler, Tanya Ishikawa, Scott Zulauf)

Arapahoe: 2 of 2 delegates present (Tim Babbidge, Romney Philpott)

Boulder: 4 of 6 delegates present (Brian Herzfeld, Lola Herzfeld, Judith Mohling, Bob McFarland)

Denver: 5 of 6 delegates present (Allen Butcher, Corey Sampson, Theresa Miller, Rick VanWie, Christy Bouchard)

Mesa: 2 of 2 delegates present (Charlie Blount, Eric Rechel)

Poudre Valley: 4 of 4 delegates present (Eric Fried, Jerry Gerber, Sandy Lemberg, Marla Swanson)

Royal Gorge: 1 of 2 delegates present (Charlie Green)

Southwest: 2 of 2 delegates present (Leslie Sesler, Marcia Wilson)

Summit: 1 of 2 delegates present (Doug Malkan)

Independent: 1 delegate present (Joe Calhoun)


Thomas D. Kelly, U.S. Congressional District 1 (endorsed by Denver Green Rick VanWie)

J.A. Calhoun, U.S. Congressional District 2 (endorsed by Boulder Green Brian Herzfeld)

Dave Chandler, U.S. Congressional District 7 (endorsed by Adams/Jefferson Green Tanya Ishikawa)

Tim Babbidge, State House District 42 (endorsed by Arapahoe Green Dan Sage)

Eric Rechel, State Senate District 7 (endorsed by Mesa Green Charlie Blount)

Rick VanWie, Colorado Secretary of State (endorsed by Summit Green Doug Malkan)

Doug Malkan, Summit County Commissioner (endorsed by Poudre Green Eric Fried)

Brian Herzfeld, Colorado Governor (endorsed by Boulder Green Judith Mohling)

APPROVAL OF CANDIDATE NOMINATIONS for Thomas D. Kelly (U.S. Congressional District 1), J.A. Calhoun (U.S. Congressional District 2), Dave Chandler (U.S. Congressional District 7), Tim Babbidge (State House District 42), Eric Rechel (State Senate District 7), Rick VanWie (Colorado Secretary of State), and Doug Malkan (Summit County Commissioner)

REJECTION OF CANDIDATE NOMINATION FOR Brian Herzfeld, Colorado Governor (consensus not reached)