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Party Structure

Green Party of the United States
The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is the national organization that state Green Parties belong to.  It is recognized by the Federal Elections Commission as the official committee of the Green Party.  The decision making body of the GPUS is the Green National Committee (NC).  Each accredited state Green Party elects delegates to serve on the National Committee.

Green Party of Colorado
The Green Party of Colorado (GPCO) is officially recognized as a minor party in the state of Colorado.  The state party is overseen by four elected state officers: two co-chairs, a secretary, and a treasurer.  These officers are elected by members of the party.

Members of the GPCO must be registered to vote as a Green in the state of Colorado.  Officer elections and decisions concerning policy and party structure are decided by members each year at the GPCO annual state meeting.

Local Chapters
Members of the GPCO may also form local chapters at the county level.  In the spirit of grassroots democracy, these locals are empowered operate on their autonomously so long as they comply with the bylaws of the GPCO and follow the Ten Key Values.

GPCO Council
Each recognized local chapter of the GPCO may elect up to four representatives to serve on the GPCO Council.  Council meets throughout the year on an online forum and has the ability to make decisions concerning policy and party structure between state meetings.