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March 2, 2016
Contact: Andrea Mérida
(303) 550-0677

The Green Party of Colorado congratulates Sen. Sanders on his Colorado win on Super Tuesday

GPCO encourages voters to press on for progressive values

Denver, CO – The Green Party of Colorado congratulates Sen. Bernie Sanders on his win in the Colorado caucus on Super Tuesday.

“We are excited to see so many new faces entering the electoral process, and we appreciate the people-centered topics the Senator is putting into the public discourse,” said co-chair Andrea Mérida.  “Coloradans have shown a strong preference for the progressive agenda of living wages, student debt relief and a healthy environment with their support for Sen. Sanders’ campaign.”

Colorado Greens note the lopsided delegate count, however, and encourage Sanders supporters to continue the work to move the country forward.

“The support for Senator Sanders is a mandate for the Green Party,” said co-chair Bill Bartlett.  “Promoting people, planet and peace over profit is gaining momentum, and we encourage Sanders supporters to look to the Green Party ticket to continue the revolt against corporate domination in local, state and national races.”

As of Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton has over 1,000 total delegates to Sen. Sanders’ total 371 delegates.  While The Green Party of Colorado encourages Sen. Sanders to continue pushing the Democratic Party leftward, Greens reminds progressive voters that the Green Party nominee will be on November’s ballot as well.

The five candidates currently seeking the nomination for president from the Green Party of the United States are:

  • Darryl Cherney: http://feelthechern.org
  • William Kreml: http://billkreml.org/
  • Kent Mesplay: https://mesplay.org/
  • Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry:https://www.facebook.com/skcmcurryforpresident
  • Jill Stein: http://jill2016.com

Delegates to the Green Party’s Presidential Nomination Convention, to be held inHouston on August 3-7, 2016, will be chosen at the Colorado Green Party’s state nomination convention, to be held on April 3, 2013, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Koelbel Library in Centennial, Colorado.

Coloradans who wish to continue the push toward a more progressive nation must be registered as Greens to participate in the state convention, and even new Greens registered the same day will be allowed to participate.  More details are available at coloradogreenparty.org

“We look forward to working closely with Sanders supporters in the event his candidacy comes to an end before November,” said Mérida.  “We invite all progressives to build a strong progressive movement with us within the Green Party.”